Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm a Princess!

So, thanks to some bloggery discussion about same names and emails and cases of mistaken identity, I was thanking my lucky stars that I used my first and middle name for my main email address (mainly because I was getting married less than a year from the time I set it up so I used the parts of my name that wouldn't change). Combine that with the fact that both my first and middle name are fairly uncommon on their own, let alone together, and I've seen variants on the spelling for each, the chances of someone having my exact combination of names is pretty unlikely. (Though unfortunately that DOES take away a certain level of anonymity, despite the fact that I hardly ever use my last name online. But I digress.)

Just for fun, I decided to do a search . . . and come to find out that there IS a rather FAMOUS woman who shares my (sort-of) first name and middle name.

Meet the "other" Charlene Lynette, Princess of Monaco.

So . . . that's kinda cool. And also reminds me of a phone exchange from Sex and the City:

Mr. Big: Is this who I think it is?
Carrie: Who do you think it is?
Mr. Big: Princess Grace of Monaco.
Carrie: She's dead.
Mr. Big: So you can imagine my surprise.

And my train of thought just jumped again, but I'll spare you the rest of my ramblings . . . at least for now.


  1. haha! When I was younger, I wanted to marry the Prince of Monaco! Also, I get emails for a Carie Woj...all. the. time. and someone else's bank notification emails. It's annoying.

    1. Did you read the blog post I linked above as the start of this whole thing? It's ridiculous the emails she gets.

      (Also, re-reading this, I'm curious where my mind went after the Sex and the City quote... damn, should have written it after all!)