Friday, September 4, 2009

It's That Time Again . . .

Ahhh . . . football season. The time of year when I get to smile and nod along while everyone spouts out names I don't know and plays I didn't see. Actually, I got into football quite a bit more last season than I have been since I was a kid . . . and back then it wasn't that I really cared about it, it was that I lived in a "football" house and my parents' enthusiasm just sort of rubbed off on us. But for the most part I still don't know what people are talking about.

Last season, the Bears (we're from Chicago . . . I suppose that's important to mention when talking about sports) were very close to making it into the playoffs. The last few weeks of the season really decided it between us and the GB Packers (our main rivals). * * * Edit: Pat just jogged my memory. It was actually a 3-way battle with the Vikings as well for that division spot (and the Vikings are who eventually won it). I was just remembering specifically the Bears/Packers Monday Night game that was such a big deal. See . . . not so much up with the football facts. * * * So towards the end, especially, I started paying a bit more attention. Ironically I didn't pay nearly as much attention the year that we actually got into (though we lost) the Superbowl a couple years back, but that could probably be explained by the fact that we were still living in Peoria at the time, and spending most Sundays driving back after spending a weekend up here. (Have I mentioned just how very glad we are to be back within 20 minutes of our hometown?) At any rate, we have some friends who are VERY into football season, as well as Pat being VERY into football season, so especially now that we're back in the area and they can be all football-crazy together, it's pretty hard for me to ignore it.

The first game of the regular season is next weekend. And of course we're playing the Packers. So of COURSE our friends are having people over for the game. And quite honestly, when it comes to actually sitting down and watching a game, it's much more enjoyable for me when we get together with friends. Here in the house, if it's just me and Pat . . . I'll watch for about 20 minutes, go do something else, come back for another 10 minutes, on and off for the whole game. I don't sit down and watch a whole game unless that's what I'm specifically there to do.

The drinks and snacks don't hurt either, I suppose.