Friday, January 27, 2012

5-Star Arrogance

I came across the most ridiculous thing while browsing GoodReads giveaways. The book was Dear Sun, I Am Real, by S.G. Rainbolt. The summary of the book begins and ends with the following message: please read "Star Rating System - What Makes a 5-star" book blog before posting your rating and review.

So I found the aforementioned blog, out of curiosity, and this is what I discovered:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to Business

Okay, I have been extremely lax in my weight-loss efforts over the past several months, for a variety of reasons. Obviously the holidays are the easiest excuse, but it started well before Thanksgiving, and has continued for far too long.

Well, my reason for not getting back to the Y right away is because I don't like crowds, and didn't feel like dealing with the inevitable influx of people with New Year's resolutions. No big deal, I thought . . . I can still get back to eating right, and work out in the comfort of my own home! Yeah . . . that didn't happen. I've been having far too many mindless snacking sessions and emotionally-induced binges. As for working out . . . I used the Wii Fit for a few days that first week, I think once the second week, and not at all last week. It just doesn't motivate me the way it used to. I feel like it's not a serious workout, so why bother, which is ridiculous because a) any activity is better than none, and b) some of those exercises do make me sweat, especially if I keep it up for an hour.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Strange Topic

So, this is going to seem a bit anticlimactic, what with it being my first post of the new year and all (especially after I promised details on our New York escapades last time), but I've recently discovered something disturbing about Goodreads.

So, when I link to one of my reviews, there's a date in the upper right corner of the review. For example, my most recent one: