Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not-So-Massive Update

Neither of us has posted in a while, even though there've been several times I coulda-shoulda-woulda, and just didn't. And now I'm trying to think what some of those times were (I was going to make a fun little bullet-pointed post) and can't, so . . . so much for that.

The thing that brings me here right now is, of course, procrastination. We've been here for pushing two months. That first week or so, man, we were so productive . . . and then we fell into that "comfortable" stage. That place where, we have things mostly set up, and mostly unpacked, but we were settled in enough to go on with our day-to-day living. So we took a break . . . and just never went back to it. There's still piles of boxes, and some areas that are only half-done. Basically it still looks like we just moved in two weeks ago, rather than two months. Except that, we have the "lived-in" clutter as well. Mail and receipts and other random stuff lying around.

Well, long story short, we have a guest coming in on Friday, so I have until then to make the place look presentable. There's some stuff that is just not going to happen. For example, there's a corner of our living room that is filled with boxes of Christmas decorations, including a tree. That's the area where we plan to set up the tree, but it's still a little early for that (at least for us), so for now it's a storage corner. I'm fine with that. In fact, I'd settle for either getting rid of boxes, or getting rid of the clutter. Because it's not all going to happen in two days. But I just have this feeling that once our friend comes and goes, I'm going to fall back into my state of apathy, until the next time we have people coming to visit. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

Something that may (or may not) help, is the fact that Pat may (or may not) be going out of town Saturday night. (Another long story.) Regardless of whether he goes or not, the productivity level could still go either way. A big, big part of why so much has been left undone thus far is that I work much better when I'm by myself. But a lot of what is still left is stuff that's either his, or at least that I need his input on. Which sounds like an excuse -- believe me, I know it is -- but it still makes it frustrating when I get going on something and can only go so far because I don't know what to do with X, Y, and Z. I'm trying to get better about going ahead and making decisions. I really should be able to set up the entire apartment aside from his side of the computer room, since that's the only spot that's really "his," just like my side is the only spot that's really "mine." Everywhere else is this mucked up grey area where I don't want to set up everything my way because maybe he has other ideas, but at the same time, especially since I'm not working yet (another long story), I feel like I should be doing as much of the around-the-apartment stuff as I can be.

You'd think I would have gotten past all this. We've been married three and a half years now, and been living together for over four. We've moved three times since our first apartment (four, if you include our short stay at my parents', but that's a completely different living situation). So you would think that all our stuff would be integrated, and everything would just be "ours" by now.


Guess this turned into a massive update after all. Or at least a massive rambling session.

Oh well. Back to work.