Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving Woes

So, we're moving in about a month. Which would be a traumatic enough experience on its own (because, no matter how many times I've done it, moving always is) but made even more traumatic by the fact that we're moving in with my parents.

Let me first say that we hope this move will be very temporary, and how grateful we are that my parents are willing to take us in. However . . . fitting an entire apartment worth of stuff into my old bedroom is simply not going to happen. So, in addition to the pain of moving, and the awkwardness of running home to Mom and Dad after three years of marriage, we have to figure out how the hell we're going to fit our entire lives into one 11x12 bedroom.

Clearly we will be renting a storage space for the majority of our furniture, everything in our kitchen and bathroom, and probably a good chunk of our personal belongings as well. It's that last part that's causing the most trouble though. When it comes to all our "stuff" . . . what do we pack away into storage, not to come out again until we are back in our own place? It's kind of like deciding what to bring to your dorm room your first year of college, only harder.

Right now I'm transferring a lot of the recipes I regularly use onto nice little 4x6 index cards, so that I can bring a stack of index cards rather than a stack of cookbooks. And honestly, I don't know how much cooking I'm going to be doing anyway, but I'd still rather not lose access to all that information. Unfortunately not everything in my life can be so easily condensed.

The most recent blow in this whole situation, though, is the definitive decision that Slider won't be coming with us. We'd been worrying this whole time about whether or not our cat and my parents' dog would get along, completely forgetting that my brother (who is also moving home after being on his own for a year) is allergic to cats. So, while we knew that Slider might not be able to join us, it ended up being for a completely different reason than we thought. Instead, Pat's parents will be taking him for the duration. They live just a couple blocks away, so it's not like I can't see him whenever. But it's still going to be hard.

This next month is going to be incredibly stressful.

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