Monday, April 23, 2012

Yeah, It's Been a While . . .

Oh, holy crap. Sorry, just need to take a moment to express how seriously convoluted the new Blogger layout is. I know Google's been updating their look the past few months. I got used to the new Gmail. I'm sure I'll get used to this. But right now? It just seems like WAY more than I actually need.

(I'm also having issues with the new post-writing format. I had to come in and manually change the HTML code to get rid of extra huge spaces between the paragraphs. Not that anyone cares.)


So, about two and a half months ago I posted my last blog entry, entitled (amusingly) "Feeling Like Myself Again." This is amusing because since then I've been very much not feeling like myself. Actually that's not entirely accurate, but I haven't been feeling like the self I described back then.

Anyway, I'm not getting into all that, but I just felt like I should drop in and write something. I often get that feeling, but then realize I have nothing to say. Not that that's stopped me in the past. I've just been lacking motivation lately, in many different areas, writing being just one of them. Diet and fitness is another ongoing struggle. It's gotten to the point where I barely recognize the person that I was last year.

I've recently been getting very involved in music, again. From time to time I get this idea that, if I really do plan on going to grad school to study musicology at some point, I shouldn't be putting these years in between to waste. There's no reason I can't study it on my own. No, the public library here doesn't have nearly the resources that the Music Library back at NIU did, but there is some. Plus there's online. Plus there's the CD's I already own. I'm also considering joining the Dubuque Chorale (although there is some serious internal conflict between my desire to sing again and my social anxiety issues).

I guess that's pretty much where things stand at the moment. Now let's see if I can get back here sometime before July.

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