Sunday, November 25, 2012

NaNoWriMo Update: Weekend #4

We are down to the final five days of NaNoWriMo. Last week was somewhat awkward because of going out of town for Thanksgiving. I did make a point of writing every day, but no more than a few hundred words. And today I got clobbered with a nasty flu, so even though we got back home last night, I wrote fewer words today than any other day this month . . . not what I was expecting when planning for the long holiday weekend.

Luckily, I don't need a ton of words. I've already won the event; I hit my 50K. But never, after my first year, have I been content with 50K. I always have to push myself to do more. Otherwise, what's the challenge? (I'm sure my tune will change the first time I try NaNoing with kids.)

So, let's talk numbers. Last year, my final word count was 65,731. That means technically I'd be content with 65,732. I'll probably hit 66K, but I'll be shocked if I go much higher than that. I do plan to see my story through to "The End" (I've only not done that one year and it still kinda bugs me) but unless something really surprises me in these next few days -- hey, it could happen -- I anticipate things wrapping up pretty quickly once my goal is in sight.

At any rate, I'm currently at 59,031, so I need, absolute minimum, another 6701. If it weren't for the Bears game this afternoon -- and getting sick -- I might have tried knocking it all out today, just to be done with it. Instead, I'll need to write at least 1341 a day for these last five days. Getting sick certainly adds an interesting twist to the end of the month, but it still shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

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