Sunday, October 25, 2009

NaNoWriMo: The Return

Well, after hemming and hawing for the past week, I've decided that I'm going to do it. Mostly because I realized that one of the statements in my previous post is entirely inaccurate. Yes, it's true that I never plan to write professionally. And yes, it's true that I have far too many interests to devote as much time as I'd like to all of them.

But this -- "I just can't seem to get excited about it" -- this is 100% false.

Why did I write that? I honestly don't know. Perhaps I was just so focused on all the other things I mentioned, and thinking that my life would be so much easier if I wasn't excited about NaNo, and hoping that putting it in writing would make it so. Or maybe, in that instant, I really wasn't excited about it (which seems to be the far simpler solution). I don't know. But whatever the case, once I remembered how much fun it was, I got excited very quickly. And basically over the past week, the two halves of my brain have been fighting with each other, and finally the fun half won out.

Because the thing is, it was never NaNoWriMo that made me burn out on writing and wonder why I spent so much time on something that was "just a hobby." It was all of the other writing sites I got involved with, most of which were geared toward turning writing into a career. And that was never my intention anyway. And suddenly the whole "just a hobby" thing became more of a reason to participate than to not. Because, while several people have gone on to publish their NaNo-novels over the years (including one of the people who got me started with NaNo back in 2005), it's really just wild and wacky fun. And, quite honestly, I could use some wild and wacky fun right about now.

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