Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I meant to do this post a couple days ago, but we've actually been pretty busy. (Though I have no excuse for not posting for the entire previous month, other than that absolutely nothing of interest has happened.)

After wanting to get one for about three years now, Pat and I finally got a cat! Pat's more of a dog person but he likes cats as well. I'm more of a cat person but I like dogs as well. (Ironically, his family had cats growing up, and mine has always had a dog.) But since we're going to be in apartments for a while, cat seemed like the better option to start. But circumstances have just never really lined up right. First we were in a very small apartment that barely had room for the two of us, let alone a pet. Then we moved into a bigger place, but were planning to move up to the suburbs soon, so decided to wait until we were a little more settled to get one. Then we moved up here, but had no money. We still really don't have money, but we're more stable now than we were several months ago. Still, we probably wouldn't have gotten a cat yet, if it weren't for the events of the past few months.

Our friends Nathan and Taylor found a cat abandoned on the street back in June. No collar or tag, no ID chip implanted. They asked around at various places but didn't find any reports of a lost cat. And they probably would have kept him themselves, but between the two of them they've got three dogs, plus another couple cats, so they're pretty much at their max for animals. They didn't want to just leave him at a shelter though, so they've been keeping him in Taylor's garage until they could find him a home.

Well, we weren't really in a position to take him, but right about the same time, one of Pat's friends was commenting on Facebook that he was looking into getting a pet. So, they hooked up and passed ownership onto him. After a couple weeks, though, he decides that it's not working out. Taylor was worried that maybe there was something wrong, the cat was misbehaving and causing trouble, and didn't want to pass him onto someone else without knowing what the problem was. But Jon assured her that, no, nothing was wrong. It just wasn't a good fit at the time.

So, the cat's back in Taylor's garage. And, aside from keeping him isolated from the other animals, Taylor and Nathan were both treating the cat like one of their own. He had all the essentials: litter box, food, water, toys. They made sure to go out and spend time with him. It's not like they just tossed him in the garage to get rid of him, they were just waiting until they could find him a good home, one that wasn't so crowded.

Honestly, after all these months I was starting to think that they would just cave and keep the cat themselves. I mean, if they really didn't want him, and couldn't find him a home, they surely would have taken him to a shelter by now, no? Well apparently, my husband the plotter (I'll relate the story of how he proposed sometime) had been talking with them about the cat, and the reason they hadn't either passed him on or fully adopted him is because they were holding him for us, until we could take him ourselves. Which we finally did this weekend. I, of course, was kept in the dark about the whole thing until we were on our way to Taylor's.

It's been a couple days now. He's getting used to us, getting used to the new place. Actually he seems pretty well adjusted, it's us who are getting used to having him around. Of course we're both still completely fawning over him. As you can see, I've been taking lots of pictures. Part of that is because we need to register him with our apartment office (waiting until after his vet appointment Friday) and they need a picture. Part is that I'm practicing being a camera person for when we someday have kids. And of course part is because I want to show him off, even though I have enough sense to know that most people aren't going to care all that much.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the name, Nathan and Taylor came up with that one; they found him in the parking lot of White Castle.

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