Friday, May 14, 2010

I can has job!

After a waaaaaay too long dry spell, I was offered an engineering position this morning. The picture above is pretty much how I felt all day. That's right. After living with the in-laws for exactly 4 weeks, I will be moving out to Dubuque, IA. I will probably be living in a hotel for the first month and then move to an apt after I get the lay of the land over there with Charleen following me out there a few months later. We'll see how things go. A lot is still up in the air, but for now I'm just tremendously relieved to finally have a job in my field. I'm looking forward to getting our lives back on track.


  1. Great news, Blu!! Glad to hear that you have found something (though less fun that you will be going through a big move again!!)

  2. So glad to see you guys having some luck. Moving stinks + I remember how glad when you both moved back near home but not Char's parents. Hope everything keeps moving towards the positive.