Tuesday, May 18, 2010



As Pat mentioned in his last entry, he was offered a job in Iowa. He starts on Monday. It's a bit overwhelming to have everything change in a span of a week. Not like we haven't been planning for this for a while now. I don't remember when exactly Pat started looking into options outside of the Chicago area, but ever since then we've known this could happen. Been hoping for it. But now that it has, it's just . . . well, I think overwhelming is the best word to describe it.

I mean, it's only Iowa. More than that, it's only Dubuque, which is right on the border between Iowa and Illinois. Right about 3 hours, according to Google. And I've put in a request to work to not work weekends anymore, so that I can actually spend those with my husband when he's home. Honestly, it's not the long distance thing that's got me worked up. Yeah, that part of it sucks, but it's nothing we haven't done before. It's just worrying over all the details. Me being without a car once he's gone. Trying to figure out when exactly I'll join him out there. And the prospect of starting the job hunt all over again . . . sucks. Ideally I could see about transferring to a Borders out there, but "ideally" hasn't worked out for us so well in the past.

I'm trying to keep my mind busy with other things and not think about any of this. Clearly, that's not going so well.

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