Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, I'm Not Pregnant

So, a couple weeks ago TJ blogged about the fact that, if you're a woman, and your stomach's upset, inevitably someone will ask if you're pregnant. Even if no one asks, it doesn't mean they're not thinking and wondering. I've been getting sick at work quite a bit recently, and though no one has said anything, I'm just living with the assumption that at least a couple people are asking themselves if I'm pregnant. Or possibly bulimic.

Anyway, these waves of nausea have been coming on and off for a while now, maybe once a week or so. Sometimes I actually get sick, sometimes it's just a persistent unpleasantness. I've been assuming it's related to stress (the whole long-distance, future-up-in-the-air thing) and just doing my best to deal with it. The past few days, though, I've been feeling worse than usual.

So today -- after waking up, throwing up twice over the course of an hour and a half, and calling in sick to work -- I finally decided to take advantage of the fact that we have insurance again and see a doctor. To see if they can do anything about the nausea itself, but also to make sure there's not some serious problem I've been ignoring for the past few months.

So, I looked on our insurance website and found a walk-in clinic just down the road that has Sunday hours. They ran a bunch of basic tests and everything turned up normal, but there's still a couple that won't be done till tomorrow, and they suggested I get a follow-up with my regular doctor (which I don't have, so they gave me someone to call) in the next day or two. So we'll see what happens. I'm guessing they won't find anything. But hopefully the prescription they gave me will help the symptoms, at least, because I'm really sick (sorry, unavoidable pun) of this feeling.

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