Friday, February 11, 2011

She's Inspiring Too

Well since Charleen keeps threatening to knock me off the front page of our blog, I guess I'd better write a post. What can I say, I've been pretty busy lately.

Anyway, the other day Charleen mentioned that one of our friends was particularly inspiring to her. Over the course of the last 2 years or so, he's lost a lot of weight. He went from being a pretty husky guy down to the point where he can almost wear my pants. (Maybe you'll get that story some time too...) Anyway, he looks fantastic and he's kept the weight off.

I've been trying on and off for the last couple of years to get back in shape. No particular goal (and maybe that's the problem) just getting in shape. I used to be the guy all through school who could just keep going like the energizer bunny. I was never the best at any sport, but I could always keep going long after most people were worn out. I realized mid way through college that it was gym class that did a lot to keep me in shape. But anyway, I'm rambling. My point is that I wanted to get back to that point where I could go and play a sport and just keep it up for a long while.

As I said, I've been trying on and off since college to get back in shape and this time I'm using Charleen as my motivation. Seeing her setting goals for herself, counting calories, going to the Y, working out at home, and looking for more ways she can do cardio on days she's not at the Y. It's really motivating.

With being sick at the beginning of the year I've been starting slowly to get into a pattern of doing something almost daily. Last week I went to the Y on Tuesday and swam laps. I was planning on going on Thursday as well, but due to a long day to make up for a half day Wednesday (Snow-My-God 2011) as well as a tetanus shot that was really making my arm sore, I decided not to go. Charleen and I went on Saturday and I gave my legs a good workout on the treadmill, leg-press, and leg extension machine. This week I went swimming on Tuesday, did push-ups and sit-ups on Wednesday, and went swimming again yesterday. My plan is to soon get into a pattern of swimming at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday after work, doing push-ups and sit-ups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and going to the Y on Saturday with Charleen to do some kind of cardio and leg workout. I'm thinking of giving myself Sunday off from working out, but I may start doing something like bike riding once the weather gets better.

On a side note, I was very excited walking outside for work this morning. It was 9° F out. Considering it's been about -14° F the last couple of days, this is a vast improvement. Also it's supposed to get up to above freezing tomorrow, and next week it's supposed to not even drop below freezing overnight for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to it not being cold out anymore. Have a great weekend everyone!

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