Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

Pat and I bought a grill this weekend (with part of our B3 store credit). It's just a tiny one, like the kind you would take camping, but it's just for the two of us, and needs to fit in the apartment when we're not using it, so tiny is good for now.

Tonight we tried it out for the first time. It smelled SO good! I always love the smell of a grill -- even just the charcoal smelled good, before any food was added! -- but I think it smelled EXTRA good this time because I knew it was OUR grill, and we can now have yummy grilled stuff all summer long, any time we want. This time we cooked up some Andouille sausages. We plan to fire it up again this weekend for hot dogs.

I'm also looking forward to experimenting a bit, once we get the hang of using this little guy. A couple friends of ours brought shishkebabs to the 4th of July BBQ we went to (it was BYO meat) and they looked SOOOO good! I plan on looking into some good healthy recipes that use the grill, instead of just the standard burgers, brats, etc. (Of course, I know Pat's looking forward to that part of it!)

Feel free to share your favorite grill recipes so we have different ideas to try!

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