Monday, May 23, 2011

B3 is Awesome!

(First off, B3 is Bed Bath and Beyond, for those who may not have had a friend who worked there at one point and just got used to hearing it called that. Now, to the point.)

So about four and a half years ago, when we were in the wedding planning phase, we registered at B3. We had gotten two different sets of dishes passed down to us from two different family members -- both "everyday use" and "fancy guest" -- so we didn't really need to register for the traditional wedding china. What we did need was silverware to go with said dishes. So we registered for a fairly simple-looking flatware set, along with a fancier gold-trimmed flatware set to go with the "fancy guest" dishes . . . which, for the record, we have never used, and honestly they aren't even really my style, but at least we'll be prepared if we ever need to host a really fancy dinner someday.

Anyway, we got the simple silverware. We've been using it quite happily for years. But out of the fancy stuff (and this is one of those flatware sets so fancy that each place-setting needs to be purchased individually), we only got a 4-piece serving set. None of the actual silverware. And yes, we did go for a massive shopping trip after the wedding hoopla had died down to buy things that we hadn't received, but basically we decided that we didn't really need fancy silverware. But we still had this one serving set. That didn't match any of our other flatware. And we decided we were going to return it . . . and then somehow it never happened. And for years, every time we move, I come across this serving set, and think, "Damn, why didn't we ever return this?" And after our two-year anniversary when our registry was purged from their system, I figured it was too late. But I've always meant to go in and ask if, even though it was years past the purchase and I didn't have a receipt and didn't really have high hopes, was it possible to return it?

Well, long story short . . . four years, one month, and ten days after receiving said gift, I now have a B3 store credit for $69.54.

Remember in my last post how I mentioned there was all sorts of fancy kitchen gadgets I wished I had, but didn't want to spend money on because I didn't really need any of it . . . ?

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