Monday, May 23, 2011


Two posts in one day, oh my! I guess this is what happens when I actually leave the house -- relatively interesting things happen to me ("relatively" being the key word in that statement).

So. I've been doing some running around. Pat actually rode his bike in to work today (I'm sure he'll tell you all about that at some point), so I've been taking advantage of having the car WITHOUT having to wake up crazy early to drive him to work: yay! AND, without having to keep tabs on the clock for fear of forgetting to pick him up later: double yay!

Well the first thing I did that's worth noting is I drove out to the bike trail that we use, but instead of biking, I was running. Running is a new thing for me, and at this point I'm actually doing more walking than running, but if you're actually interested in reading about all that, I direct you to my Spark blog posts here and here.

And if you skim any of my other blog posts over the past week or so, you'll notice that I've been a little apathetic lately. Basically I feel like my results aren't showing anywhere other than the scale. Not that I'm not happy about losing the pounds. But I feel like my body shape isn't changing as rapidly as I'd like. I'm almost halfway to my goal (can you frickin' believe it?!?!) and I just don't look much different than I did when I started. But, of course, I'm my own worst critic, and I see myself every day, so who am I to judge.

Well, I bought some new capris about a week ago. The ones that I had were getting pretty loose, and I figured they would only get looser over the summer, so I decided to go ahead and buy some new ones to help bridge the gap through to autumn, when I'm hoping I'll be able to buy new jeans that are a couple sizes smaller than the ones I'm currently wearing. And, while the 16's that I tried on certainly fit, the 14's weren't too tight, so I decided to go with the 14's, knowing that I'll only be losing more weight as the summer goes on.

Fast forward to today, shortly after publishing my previous blog entry. I was wearing my new size-14 capris, and I had to go to the bathroom. (This is important to the story, I swear.) Momentarily forgetting that these were my new capris, I went to pull them down without unfastening them, as I can with my old pair. And . . . they came down.

Let me repeat. I pulled down my size-14 capris that I JUST BOUGHT A WEEK AGO without unbuttoning or unzipping them.

Maybe I was bloated when I went shopping before. Who knows. But whatever the reason, I suddenly felt sure that I could fit into a size 12. I had to go back to Kohl's to exchange something else today anyway, so I decided to exchange my capris as well. Went to the store and, sure enough, those size-12's fit. As before, they're a little tight, and I probably wouldn't buy them if I was planning on staying this size, but I'm not, so I did, and I'm wearing them right now! Me! Size 12's! Purchased in the regular-sized-people section and everything!

My current full-length jeans are still 16's, and they still fit pretty comfortably, so I can't really say I'm out of the plus-size section officially. But, I can say that I'm done shopping in the plus-size section, because I will certainly be ready for 14's or 12's (or, depending on the brand/fit/etc, maybe even 10's!) by the next time I buy jeans.

This realization put me in such a great mood that I spent about another 30 minutes wandering the non-plus-size section looking for other non-plus-size things that would fit me. I managed to restrain myself. I made an exception for the capris, but buying pretty much an entire new wardrobe is going to be expensive enough once I get there, without picking up all the in-between sizes along the way.

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