Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I made a pretty good breakfast this morning. Something I'll definitely have to try again, particularly on the weekend so we can both sit down and enjoy it.

Basically I made a skillet with potato, onion, scrambled egg, and a little cheese. The potatoes were a little hard for my taste, so next time I'll have to either chop them up smaller, or let them cook for a while on their own before adding the onion. Anyway, I just cooked those up for a bit, then shoved them to the side and added my egg to the pan. Some of it ran over to where the veggies were, but I was able to contain most of it and scrambled it up. Then I mixed it all together anyway, but I just didn't know how the egg would have cooked had it been mixed with the potato and onion all together (though I may try that next time just to see how it turns out). Then I turned off the heat, added some shredded cheese to the top and let it melt before dishing it out onto my plate.

It was really good, except like I said I would have preferred the potatoes to be a little more well-done. I also think it could have used a little green pepper in with the other veggies. I'm not really big on green (or red or yellow or orange) pepper, but sometimes I get a craving for the flavor of it, and this dish could have used a little of that flavor. It's bizarre to get a craving for something I don't really like, but it's only once in a while, and with certain dishes, and in small amounts.

It's kind of funny, I really enjoy cooking, and I never thought I'd hear myself say that. I always hated cooking when I first started living on my own, but a lot of what I made was stuff like hamburger helper or mac and cheese. It's easy, sure, but it's boring as hell. I don't like standing around, doing nothing except making sure something doesn't burn or boil over. I like keeping busy in the kitchen . . . but not being frantic, which is sometimes a fine line, particularly when I'm trying to make multiple things and make sure they're all ready at the same time. But it's just funny to look at how much more comfortable with cooking I've become.

Now that I'm trying to eat healthier, I'm always looking for new recipes that will accommodate my somewhat picky tastes. And every time I try one, I'm thinking of ways I could tweak it for next time. Used to be that I would follow a recipe to the letter and that was that, and I'd freak out at phrases like "a dash of" or "season to taste" -- anything that didn't give me a set amount to follow. Now, I definitely appreciate having a recipe as a starting point, but I have no qualms changing things to suit my own tastes.

I wish that I would have gotten to this point before we got married, because it would have made registering for gifts so much easier. There are so many things around the kitchen that we registered for and have never used. Various cooking utensils, oven pans of every imaginable size and shape, a gigantic stainless steel pot with strainer/steamer accessories (okay, that one we've used . . . probably a total of twice.) I mean, they're good to have, I guess. But I'd trade them all for a food processor in a heartbeat. I don't want to buy one because I get along fine without it, but there are definitely times I wish I had one, and those times are far more common than the times I think, "I'm so glad I have six different types of baking pans."

Hmm, this is not at all how I expected this post to go after starting with, I made a pretty good breakfast.

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