Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNo, Day 15

So, here's a screen shot of what my word count graph looks like up to this point in the month:

As you can see, I kinda pounded it out in those first couple weeks. I jumped way ahead of schedule on Day 1 and just kept pushing ahead. Now I've slowed down considerably, though I still anticipate finishing my novel late this week, or possibly early next week. Before Thanksgiving, definitely.

Despite all the preparations I made this year, I've still run into some problems I didn't quite expect, though perhaps I should have. Even if I didn't anticipate what those problems would be, I should have known that it wouldn't just suddenly be easy. Sure, I've accounted for some of the problems I usually have when tackling a project of this size, but being successful in those areas just opens me up to a whole new set of problems.

I'm being intentionally vague, just because to get into specifics would give away certain aspects of the story. And, despite my setbacks, I am determined to actually finish and edit this one into something that I would not be embarrassed to allow people to read, a feat that I have yet to accomplish with any of my previous NaNo attempts. I don't think it will take on quite the same form that I originally envisioned, but I'm still optimistic about the final product.

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