Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat Wave!

Someone posted this picture to Facebook the other day, and . . . yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Now, I am lucky enough to be in the northern half of the country, but still! Some people threaten to move to Canada every time our government does something they don't like. I'd go just to get away from the heat. (Either that or to Seattle. I think I've mentioned before that Seattle has the perfect weather for me.)

Anyway. Monday and Tuesday this week I went for a five-mile walk in the morning. Yesterday and today I said, forget it. And the last time I checked the forecast, our overnight low is 77 and then heading back toward the triple-digits tomorrow, so . . . probably another no-go.

This heat wave has hit at a very inconvenient time. I really want to try to get into a good fitness routine again, and after last week I was actually feeling motivated to make it happen. I haven't felt really motivated in I don't know how long. But this heat is making it really difficult!

We cancelled our Y membership back in April so we could put that money toward buying an elliptical. I figured it was a good time to cancel, since it should be easy to stay active outdoors over the summer . . . running and biking, or at the very least walking! But it's really too hot even for that! I could go for like a 10-minute walk just for the sake of going (and maybe I should be, to keep up the habit), but at that point it hardly feels worth it.

I really wanted to start walking five miles a day. That's about what I was averaging during our vacation to New York last fall, and it really helped to balance out my less-than-stellar diet while I was there. I think I gained maybe five pounds while we were there, and it was back off just a couple days after we got home. Now I'm not saying that I think if I walk five miles a day I can eat whatever I want, but it's something I can do consistently to help make a difference, especially since getting to the trail either for biking or running (I have my reasons for not wanting to do either of those around here) can be inconvenient at times, but I have NO excuse not to be able to just head outside and go for a walk. Other than, you know, the heat.

Well, next week will be easier. Can't wait for the overnight lows to start dropping below 70 again! Until then . . . hello, Wii-Fit, my old friend. It's been a long time . . .

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