Friday, September 7, 2012


I was going to write this this morning . . . and then I discovered that my A key decided to spontaneously stop working.

This isn't the first time this has happened, but luckily a computer restart usually does the trick. But, since I got caught up in other things instead of just restarting and writing it right away, that means I don't have nearly the time I meant to do this. So, very quickly . . .

My laptop conked out several weeks ago. Pat and I have been sharing the desktop. Which is a little annoying, but not a huge deal. But with football season upon us, and season premieres starting soon -- all of which we used to watch by hooking the laptop up to the television -- having just a desktop has been a growing concern.

Just a quick note: I'm not nearly the football fan that some of my friends and family are, but I have gotten into it a lot more in recent years. If we had the laptop, I probably would have watched the Wednesday night opener along with Pat, not because I particularly care about the Giants or the Cowboys, but because it's exciting that football is back! But, my enthusiasm stops short of sitting awkwardly in a desk chair for three hours.

Anyway, so I'm excited that this weekend I'll be getting a new (used) laptop. I'll be back to having computer access whenever I want, and we'll be back to watching our jerry-rigged TV in a more comfortable setting.

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