Thursday, December 6, 2012

Short One Today

Three quick things today:

1. I've added some tabs up at the top of the blog. Instead of just "Home" and "About Us," there are now links to some recurring blog topics up there. I also kind of want to make a "Favorites" one, so some of our better posts aren't just lost to oblivion (I've got the top posts by page views over on the side bar, but I think every blogger knows that the posts you WISH were most popular usually aren't the same as the ones that ARE), but that requires a bit more thought. An idea for the future, though.

2. I'm not really sick anymore. I mean, I feel mostly fine. Like 97% fine. But I can't seem to shake this cough, and my throat -- even on days when I make an effort not to talk -- is raw by bedtime, if not sooner. It really sucks.

3. I've been . . . I don't know . . . just feeling kind of down lately. More so than usual. Maybe it's the holidays, who knows.

BONUS #4. The cat's being super annoying today. And by super annoying, I mean wants to snuggle. I'm thinking that my negative reaction to this is probably related to item #3.

Sorry I'm being such a downer. Here's something to cheer us all up:


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