Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Failed Vlog Experiment

A while back, when I first got my new laptop, I think I wrote about wanting to possibly do a vlog, now that I had a fancy new webcam. (If I didn't write about it, I at least thought about it, and I'm too lazy right now to go find out if I actually mentioned it or not.) But then it turned out that the webcam didn't actually work; it refused to record sound. So unless I wanted to post a vlog silent movie style, that wasn't happening.

Well, I recently got a working webcam from a friend, and today I finally hooked it up and gave it a trial run, and here's the result: the most awkward 78 seconds you will ever see.

The worst part, I think, is when I turn my head, trying to show how weird it was to turn my head to the right, and see it turning to the left on the screen . . . only to realize that it's not weird at all in the video, you have to see it from my perspective for it to be weird . . . so then I sort of ramble and try to explain what I meant and completely lose any sort of confidence and momentum I might have had to start.

Anyway . . . it's all very awkward. But I'm sharing it anyway, because I guess I'm a glutton for embarrassment.

Thanks, Jeanette, for the webcam! I promise I will put it to better uses than this in the future. When's the next virtual girls' night?


  1. You crack me up! You're welcome! I think our next virutal girls' night might actually be in-person... since... well, we never actually did have a virtual girls' night.

    1. Well yeah, with the holidays and us all being in the same town. But now at least I can play along if we ever do a virtual one.