Friday, November 1, 2013

Fantasy Football Rookie (Week 9)

Tuesday Morning - 

Long, busy weekend, and not the greatest of fantasy weeks, but at the end of it I somehow managed to end up in first place!

This week I need a replacement for my kicker on bye and a second active defensive player, and I really don't know who to drop to make room for them. I might just drop my kicker to pick up a new one... and if he gets snatched up in the meantime, stick with the new one for the season. I'll have to see who's available though, if it would be worth the risk.

I don't really want to do that with my defensive guy who's out on bye because he's pretty consistent, and I don't necessarily want to drop Lance Briggs for the same reason... he's out for several weeks, but it'd be nice to see him back to form once he gets back, if I have room to keep him through this bit of bye week shuffling.

A few of my receivers have been rather sub-par lately... I might drop one of them (though I only have one to spare this week with Calvin Johnson being on bye.)

Frickin' bye weeks...

Wednesday Afternoon - 

Free agency is open for the week, and I picked up the players I needed to fill out my roster -- Kai Forbath as kicker (he's the guy I had as a backup early on before dropping him back in Week 3) and Nick Roach as defensive player (a former Bear who's now with Oakland... he's good, and has a decent matchup this week and a great one in Week 11 when my new defensive guy goes on his bye... assuming I don't just keep Roach as my second starter and relegate last week's acquisition to back up).

With these couple pick-ups, my starters for the week are now set. I have no backups. Anyone not starting is either on bye or out with injury. If anything bad happens to make one of my actives inactive between now and Sunday, I'll have to scramble, or just eat the point loss.

QB - Cam Newton, Joe Flacco
RB - Matt Forte, Eddie Lacy
WR - Pierre Garcon, Steve Smith, Denarius Moore
TE - Kyle Rudolph
K - Kai Forbath
D/ST - Ravens
D - Alec Ogletree, Nick Roach

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