Monday, March 16, 2015

It's the Final Countdown

Well, it feels like it's taken forever to get here, but we're in the final weeks of these awkward living arrangements. 17 days until my due date. Snickerdoodle can leave these cramped quarters behind, and I can get my body back. Even if Snickerdoodle comes late, the end is in sight. And that makes me very, very happy.

Of course, I've been so focused on getting to the end of the pregnancy that the idea of bringing home a baby is still rather abstract. I mean, we've been preparing for this. We know, in our heads, that it's going to happen. But at least for me, it still doesn't feel real... and probably won't until we're getting ready to leave the hospital.

You might think it would feel real once the baby's born... and who knows, maybe it will, I have no way of knowing. But I just have this feeling that as long as we're in the hospital, we're removed enough from our daily lives that it's still going to be a bit like a dream. (Not to mention the exhaustion of just having gone through labor. I doubt anything's going to feel real at that point.).

1 comment:

  1. It's a very surreal experience, to be sure. Just remember to be kind to yourself. Seems like a no brainer...but pretty soon you'll need reminders for seemingly mundane things! Here's my short list:
    1. Be nice to your body, it's accomplished a great feat.
    2. EAT. For real, Dan had to make sure I ate or I'd forget.
    3. Do nothing but cuddle Snickerdoodle...all other things will wait.
    4. Take all help offered and ask for help when you need it.

    You and Pat will be great parents, and your lives will become richer. Once again, congratulations and take care of yourself!