Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Days . . .

Two posts in two days; guess I'm in a very bloggy mood this week.

So there's five days left until the official move to Iowa. Packing is coming along slowly but surely. Mostly it's just hard to group things together because my entire room here pretty much just consists of things that we didn't want to be without for months at a time (since the majority of our belongings are in a storage locker at the other end of town), so once you get past the obvious groupings of "clothes" and "books" and "music/movies" it's pretty much just complete randomness. Not to mention, a good chunk of it can't be packed up until this weekend anyway 'cause I'm still using it.

But, because most of our stuff is, as I said, already packed away in storage, this will definitely be the easiest move we've ever done, aside from possibly the time I moved from one apartment into an identical apartment down the hall, midway through my last year of college.


Things I'm looking forward to:

~ living with my husband again (what a crazy concept)
~ living with my cat again (!!!)
~ having my own kitchen again
~ having more than just one cramped room to call my own
~ not sharing a bathroom with a woman who spends an hour getting ready in the morning, and that's AFTER she gets out of the shower
~ not juggling two cars among four people (and, going along with this, not having to feel like I'm asking permission if I need a car for something other than work)
~ the excitement of getting to know a new city (and state! - I've never not lived in Illinois, it's going to be bizarre)

Things I'll miss:

~ having the bed to myself
~ hanging out with my brother (seriously, 10 years ago I would NOT have believed you if you told me this would be the case)
~ being close to family and friends

So, yeah, I'd say the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

EDIT: Just thought of another thing to look forward to -- not spending so much time on the phone! It wouldn't be as bad if I had a hands-free device that didn't hurt my ear to wear. Being better at multitasking would also help. But really, I'm just not a phone person.

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