Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yeah, so I'm lazy...

Ok, so I've been a bit lazy. I meant to write a post when I got my new disc golf disc that is awesome...and I didn't. I meant to write a post after I had my 3-month review at work that went well...and I didn't. I meant to write a post after I had looked at an appartment...and I didn't. So yeah, we've established the fact that I'm lazy. It doesn't help that I only have good internet access 'till about 5:30 PM when everyone else gets back to the motel and eats up all the bandwidth, but mostly I'm just lazy. :)

Anyway, as Charleen mentioned we have an official move date! In just over a week I get to move out of the motel and into an apt with my wife and my cat. Honestly if I had to pick, I'd have a hard time deciding what I was more excited about: Getting to move back in with my wife and seeing her more than every other weekend, not having to drive back to Chicago every other weekend, getting the cat back from my parents, sleeping in my own bed, or not having to eat fast food almost every stinking night. The fast food one is a very strong competitor. Thankfully, I don't have to pick one. I get them all!!! 10 days away and it can't get here fast enough.

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