Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Kitchen Is NOT for Short People

First off, congratulations to me for finding the cord to connect my camera to my computer semi-quickly.

Excuse the mess. Our new kitchen is quite spacious compared to what we've had in the past, but I have discovered that it is not exactly up to code for accessibility by the vertically challenged.

As you can see, we have a dishwasher, and the typical stove/oven combination. To the left of that is the refrigerator. All on one wall. The area where I'm standing to take the picture is the dining area, so while there's plenty of space, what you see is pretty much it as far as cabinets. We have under-the-sink cabinets (reserved for cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and the like), and a column of drawers (for silverware, cooking utensils, random gadgets, etc). No other lower storage.

And, if you'll notice, when it comes to the upper cabinets, there is ONE set that extends low enough to the point where I don't need a step-stool to access it. And not only that, but it BARELY extends that low. I can't even reach the second shelf comfortably. So basically, I'm thinking the bottom shelf of that cabinet is going to have to hold just a little bit of everything -- a few plates, bowls, and glasses, and anything else that will fit -- while everything else remains out of reach. We have a step-stool, of course; being only 5'3", I'm well-acquainted with it. I'm just not used to having to pull it out any time I want a glass of juice or bowl of cereal. Also, with the lack of lower-cabinet space, we may have to end up storing our pots and pans right on the stove, and just shove them in a closet somewhere if we ever need the kitchen to look nice for whatever reason.

Blargh. I'm just frustrated because I told Pat I should have the kitchen set up by the time he got home from work today, and the more boxes I open and the more things I try to put away, the more I realize that I just have NO clue how to cope with this particular kitchen's quirks.

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