Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worst Manicure Ever!

Okay, so way back here, I mentioned how I'd miraculously, through no conscious effort, stopped gnawing at my nails, and maybe I should get a manicure as a reward, and for extra incentive to keep up the good habit.

Well of course it happened that, just as I was thinking I should call for an appointment, I'd notice a rough spot on one of my nails, and end up ripping the entire tip away. So then I'd be extra careful about all the others, trimming them at the first sign of trouble, while I waited for that nail to grow back to a healthy length . . . and then I'd tear off another one. It was a vicious cycle. Apparently my habits hadn't transformed as completely as I'd thought.

So anyway, this week I got all my nails so there's at least SOME bit of white at the tip (though a couple weren't quite as long as I would have liked), and with Easter and seeing family this weekend, I figured, this is the time. Called on Monday, got an appointment for this afternoon.

Oh. My. God.

The woman who did my nails should NOT be doing nails. Her hands shook really bad the whole time. It wasn't a huge deal for the massaging and lotioning and filing. A little more time-consuming than normal (particularly for the filing), but it was fine. But when it came time to actually apply the nail polish . . . I was doing my best not to cringe the whole time. Even after using polish remover and the little pointy tool they use to clean up the edges, it was really bad. I mean, the left hand pretty much looked like I'd done it myself (and the right hand pretty much looked like I'd done it myself if I was ambidextrous). I kind of wish I'd taken a picture, but within an hour of getting home I'd started picking at the uneven polish, and quickly decided to run out for some nail polish remover just to get rid of it all.

I have no idea if this shaking thing is a new development, if it's a temporary condition, or maybe they were just short-staffed today and she doesn't normally do nails. I have no idea what the circumstances were. And I really don't mean to be rude about it. But it was just really hard to believe, as I sat there watching, that I was paying for this.

And of course I did pay. A part of me really wishes that I would have put up some kind of argument, but I didn't. I paid the bill, and even left a (small) tip. I felt terrible spending my money on such an unprofessional-looking job, but I'm just not a confrontational person. And she was very nice. She just has no business being a manicurist.

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