Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Tidbits


So, it's been a while. Shocking, right?

It's been kind of a crazy couple of weeks, but things are finally settled down again for the most part. Here are some things that have been on my mind in the interim:

~ Way back in the "New Hair" post I said how I had another post to write . . . and then my dog died. Rest assured that is NOT the post I had in mind. Though now the other thing I was going to write about is sort of a non-issue. It was going to be a "should I do A or B?" kind of thing, though in reality neither A nor B is really an option, so probably would have just ended up with me whining. So I'll spare you that.

~ Where the hell is my inspiration? Seriously, whatever magical switch flipped on for me last year has been stubbornly stuck in the off position for far too long now. We have a wedding to go to in a week and a half, and my plan was to be smokin' hot by then, not because I'm even in the wedding, but just because it was my next opportunity (really the only one in the foreseeable future) to get all dolled up, and it would have been nice to get dressed up and actually LIKE the way I look, instead of hem and haw over what to wear until I finally settle on, "well, I don't look TERRIBLE." This probably sounds terribly selfish, but believe me, the bride is frickin' gorgeous. Even on my best day, even in my wildest fantasy, there was no way I would have been in any danger of stealing the spotlight. But anyway, arbitrary deadline aside, I feel like I'm stuck back in the self-destructive depressing downward spiral I was in for the previous 10-15 years of my life.

~ I'd been thinking our blog could use a face lift, so I finally did a redesign. Not a major one. Still going with the basic orange & blue (Pat's and my favorite colors, respectively), just a little sleeker, I think. A little softer. A little less cartoony. That was my goal, anyway.

~ Also blog related, I've been toying with the idea of doing some sort of a weekly feature of the type found on lots of other blogs. Just to make sure I'm posting something on a regular basis. "Wordless Wednesday" is something I've seen around, although anything that uses the term "Wordless" is probably not for me. But I'll keep poking around and see if I can figure something out.

~ And why am I always drawn to these squigglies whenever I make a bullet point list?

Edit: And oh yeah. I turned 29 last week. No, seriously. 29. For real.

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