Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Are My People?

I've been scouring the blogosphere for ideas. Like I mentioned last time, I'd like to start some sort of weekly feature. That way I know I'll have something to write about, and I know it won't be two months between blog posts. As I was searching, though, I realized something.

I came across one called Five Question Friday. Cool, answer five questions, I can do that! Except . . . this is a mommy blog. And I'm not a mommy. That's a bit of an issue when one of the questions is, "What's your favorite summer tradition with your children?"

Okay, probably not every question every week is going to be one I can't answer. No real reason I can't still join the fun. But still, if it's hosted by a mom, and mostly followed by other moms, then I kind of feel like the awkward teenager trying to hang out at the adult table. (On my mom's side of the family, I'm the oldest cousin by 5 years, so this actually happened a lot growing up.) Anyway, probably better to find something that's run by more of my own kind of people.

That's when I realized . . . I don't have people!

I follow a pretty random selection of bloggers -- a couple people I know in real life, a few leftover from my WoW days, and some others I've come across here and there -- and while I have at least something in common with each of them, I don't really have a single corner of the blogging community where I hang out. When it comes to actively participating with other bloggers, suddenly I'm much more aware of not really fitting in. There's mommy bloggers, young professional bloggers, foodie bloggers, crafty bloggers, gamer bloggers (used to be one), book bloggers (have considered being one) . . . where are all of the "hopelessly adrift" bloggers?

And that's when I stumbled across 20 Something Bloggers. Same thing, right?

Okay, maybe not. But still. Plenty of 20-somethings are also moms, or young professionals, or foodies, or whatever . . . but after browsing around a bit I managed to find a few blogs out there like this one. No single purpose, no clearly defined niche, just . . . life. One day at a time.

Now I probably won't actually join the 20SB community, partly because I don't need another huge time sink, and partly because in a year I won't be a 20-something blogger anymore (unless I decide to stay 29, I guess). But like I said, I've found a couple blogs that look fun and interesting, not to mention a starting point to discovering more like them.

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