Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week Away

So, busy week coming up.

We're heading out of town tomorrow to attend a wedding on Saturday. (I mentioned this last week, albeit in a somewhat self-centered context.) On Sunday, Pat will be coming back home, while I will be staying in our hometown for a week, helping my mother-in-law sort through some stuff. She's the sort of person who could use a personal assistant anyway, but what with recent events . . . she could definitely use a hand. We were out there for a week dealing with all of the memorial preparations, and by like the second day I'd decided that I needed to come back in the near future and help with some of the not-quite-so-urgent things that were piling up. See, there are perks to being unemployed.

On top of all that, Bloodline -- the newest release from James Rollins, my favorite author -- comes out on Tuesday! This is going to be the first time in a few years that I won't be able to just blitz through his new book the day it comes out. But still. Super excited about it. Basically if I'm not helping my MIL, I'll be reading. You can expect a blog post on it when I'm done.

And then next weekend, after what I'm anticipating will be a very exhausting week, Pat will come back and get me. Typed out like this it doesn't really seem like much. I've just been trying to get my head around it, the past couple days. No, you are not just packing for a weekend away. No, it's not just different because of the wedding. YOU WILL BE GONE FOR A WEEK! So, not only do I have to pack accordingly, but I also need to make sure there are no loose ends around here. No library books that will be due back while I'm gone. No bills left unpaid. That sort of thing.

Gah! Stressy! I hope this wedding has an open bar . . .

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