Friday, September 20, 2013

Fantasy Football Rookie (Week 3)

Tuesday Morning - 

I'm in 4th!

This week went much better than last, both in terms of points and my starters outplaying my bench. My benched WR Colston did outplay my starter Smith, 6.3pts to 5.2. And I should have left Lance Briggs in; he earned 9pts compared to Bobby Wagner's 4.5. Other than that, I made all the right calls on my roster (including the Ravens defense over the 49ers... that was probably my riskiest move so I'm glad it payed off).

Wednesday Morning - 

I broke one of my rules and signed two new players this morning. My backup tight end (Brandon Pettigrew) has been underperforming, and Peyton Manning seems to be making great use of Julius Thomas, so I picked him up. Of course, now that I got rid of him, Pettigrew will probably start having amazing games and Thomas will suddenly tank... which is why I didn't want to get into this roster switching stuff in the first place, but... we'll see I guess.

I also dropped my backup kicker (Kai Forbath, who's questionable anyway) to pick up Knowshon Moreno as another running back, since two of my four (Reggie Bush and Eddie Lacy) have injuries, and the third (David Wilson) hasn't been performing like he was supposed to. I didn't want to cut anyone, I just wanted more options in these next couple weeks. Barring injury, I should have until Week 9 to get another backup kicker... and decide who I have to cut to make room for him.

Friday Morning - 

Time to set up my roster, at least tentatively.

Quarterbacks: Cam Newton and Eli Manning; I'm not seeing anything that suggests that Joe Flacco is starter-worthy this week.

Running Backs: I know I'm starting Matt Forte, but my second choice is still iffy. Reggie Bush hurt his knee and hasn't been practicing this week, so I don't exactly have the highest confidence he'll have a great game, even if he does play. Eddie Lacy had (has?) a concussion, and even if he's cleared to play on Sunday, some analysts are saying it'd be smarter for the Packers to sit him out, giving him this week and their bye next week to fully recover. David Wilson hasn't had a great season so far, so I'm hesitant to put him in. This is why I picked up Knowshon Moreno, who's had a great season so far, as another option. For me, it comes down to Bush or Moreno, and that honestly might be a game day decision. If Bush doesn't play, that decision's made for me. If not... then I have to make the call. Who do I think is going to have the better game? The guy who's consistently ranked higher, or the guy who's not coming off an injury?

Wide Receivers: Again, I have one for sure starter -- Calvin Johnson -- but my other guys are just all so close. I think I'll stick with Pierre Garcon and Steve Smith again this week, if for no other reason than that Marques Colston has a foot injury. He's listed as probable, and maybe it won't make a difference to his game... but I have to make a decision somehow, and the experts' rankings hardly give me a definitive answer.

Tight End: I'm taking out Kyle Rudolph in favor of my latest acquisition, Julius Thomas. We'll see if it pays off.

Defense/Special Teams: Starting the 49ers over the Ravens.

Defensive Players: I have the same issue here as I do with my wide receivers... I don't have clear starters and a clear backup... they all have the potential to outdo each other. Going based off the "opponent has allowed nth most/fewest points to defensive players this season," I'm going to start NaVorro Bowman and Bobby Wagner, and leave Lance Briggs on the bench another week (sorry, Briggs).

And since I no longer have a backup, my kicker is obviously David Akers.

I'm questionable on a few of these picks, but the running back is really the only position I'm still anticipating changing at this point.

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