Friday, January 21, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Last time I talked a little bit about my little steps toward leading a healthier life, and some goals for the week that just passed. So, here's how I did:

~ 4+ glasses of water a day
The only day this happened was Sunday, because we went to a bar to watch the Bears/Seahawks game, and I was chugging water the whole time we were there (don't worry, we gave our waitress a great tip despite the bill being so low). I have been drinking MORE water this week, but usually only about 2 glasses a day. So, still working on this. But yay for improving over last week (when there were a couple days I didn't drink ANY).

~ no more sad faces in my [food] journal
Check! Definitely controlling my portions. Probably my biggest accomplishment is that we ordered pizza Monday evening, and I held myself to only 2 slices at a time, getting 4 meals out of it over the next couple days. Next up is making better choices about what those small portions consist of.

~ Y 3 times a week, Wii Fit on the other days
Eh, not as great here. Didn't go on Monday like I'd hoped (it snowed ALL DAY and I just didn't feel like driving in that), but I did go Wednesday and today. The bigger issue is that I didn't touch the Wii Fit aside from Monday when I did my body test. I have been doing pushups and crunches on the days I don't go, but still not as much activity as I was hoping to do. I think it'll get easier as the weather gets nicer, because I'll be able to go for walks on my non-Y days as well as working out in the apartment (and won't run the risk of snow messing with my plans), but I can't let that be my excuse for not being active now.

Goals for next week, mostly more of the same. Get back on that Wii Fit board, keep improving on my workouts at the Y, drink drink drink, and (as a change from last time) start paying more attention to what I'm eating rather than just how much. We'll see how that goes when I check in next week.

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