Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick WoW Update

Blusummers is my main focus for raiding. My plan is to play as Arcane while keeping a frost build as backup for specific places. The adds on Magmaw and those goblins in Throne of the Tides come to mind. I still need to get a new wand, but otherwise he's doing pretty well as far as gear is concerned. The guild has taken down the first boss in both Blackrock Depths and Bastion of Twilight as well as the PvP boss in Baradin Hold. It's been a lot of fun so far and we've got lots more raid content to go.

Squirrelz...is kind of taking a bit of a back seat right now. I decided when this expansion started that I would only "focus" on 2 of my characters at a time. I've got a pretty much full server of alts, but if I tried to focus on any more than that none of them would get anywhere. This doesn't mean that I wouldn't play any of my other toons, but I just wouldn't really focus on gearing or in-depth play-style. Well, I originally intended to keep Squirrelz fairly well geared once I got Blu raid ready. Then this other guy showed up and stole my attention.

Steelblu is now my secondary focus. I really enjoy PvP as Arms and tanking in my Prot spec. This was the toon that I started with Charleen's Priest in order to level through PvP and Dungeons. Well, after the newness of the expansion wore out. Charleen pretty much got burned out on WoW. I'm pretty sure her account has even expired by now. She still plans to come back and play every now and again when the bug bites her, but it'll probably be a while. Anyway, I've been continuing along leveling through PvP and tanking in the dungeon finder and I'm having a blast. He's level 44 now and in the long term, I'm looking forward to getting to 85 to get into some arenas and rated battlegrounds with some other folks in my guild. For right now though, my sights are set on level 49 when I'll be able to charge in combat and will finally be able to say hi to those darn hunters after they disengage away from me...

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