Thursday, March 3, 2011

For Wulfa!

So that my good friend Wulfa has something to read today . . .

1) Diet/exercise still going well. Up to 11 lbs lost (as of Monday).

2) Possibly related to #1 but possibly not . . . I have been UBER tired lately. I have an alarm set for 7am so that I don't sleep in too bad, and this morning I just shut it up, and rolled over back to sleep for another hour. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that I went to bed at like 10:00 last night. You'd think that 9 hours of sleep would be plenty. It always was, for me, to the point where I would sleep almost EXACTLY 9 hours, no alarm clock needed. If I went to bed at 10, I'd be up at 7. If I stayed up till midnight, I'd wake up at 9. It didn't seem to matter to my body when those 9 hours started or stopped, as long as I got them. (Of course, the later I stayed up one night, the later I slept in . . . which meant that I stayed up late that night because I wasn't tired early enough . . . and it would just snowball from there until I was sleeping 2-11am on a regular basis. Hence the alarm.) So, I don't know if my body is just more exhausted than normal because of the exercise, or not getting as much food, or both. Or if it's completely unrelated, because I've been doing this for a couple months now, and only started having issues ignoring my alarm in the last week or so.

3) I've hit a reading slump. In January I read 8 books. In February I read only 2. I don't know why I haven't felt like reading lately. I've had to return a whole bunch of books to the library without reading them. It's just been really weird for me. The last time I hit a reading slump was when we moved, I got thrown off my normal routine, and it just took a while to get back into it. This seemed to come out of nowhere.

4) I haven't been playing WoW recently either. My account actually is expiring sometime this month (don't remember exactly when, though I should find out because there's some "housekeeping" stuff I want to do before that happens). After I leveled to 85 and finished questing through all the new areas, I just sort of lost interest. And since that happened right around the same time that I started getting more active, it just seemed a waste to sit for hours in front of the computer if it wasn't something I was really invested in. The funny thing is that there really was a lot more I wanted to do before I quit again (like quest through all the OLD areas, which are now new . . . that makes sense to anyone who plays the game). I can definitely see myself coming back, just for a month at a time, because when I am into it I am really gung-ho into it . . . but it's not something I can really do casually, just a couple hours a week. And even if I could, from a financial standpoint, I just couldn't really justify continuing to spend $15 a month for something I may or may not feel like playing at any given time. So, if in a couple months I decide I want to come back, I probably will start my account up again, play like crazy for a few weeks, and then let it expire again.

5) Slider (our cat) is a total goofball. That's about all I have on that subject.

6) I've now been up for an hour and haven't eaten anything or done my morning workout, so I'd best get to that.


  1. Reading Material! Thank you!

    Congratulations on 11 pounds lost. That is a wonderful accomplishment. I've had reading slumps as well, which is always weird. Reading, for me, is like pizza & icecream, only I don't have to ingest a thousand calories to enjoy it. I guess even my non-caloric reading habit needs a good diet know and then:)

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I seem to be stuck at a plateau. Hopefully, that will change with my increased miles.