Thursday, August 9, 2012

Other Matters

Couple of things.

First, I haven't commented on Pat's post from the other day, mostly because I agree with the main point, that gay marriage should be allowed, and that any additional points I tried to make would probably get out of hand. Not in a ragey way, just in a rambley way. I do tend to ramble. Not sure if you've noticed.

Second, I've updated the About Us page. Nothing major, mostly bringing the time frame up to date (our move to Dubuque isn't really "recent" anymore) and adding a couple pictures.

Now, onto other matters.

I was thinking about this the past couple days. I actually felt really weird writing my last post. I mean, Pat actually takes a leap and writes about something that's really important . . . and then I, less than 24 hours later, switch the topic to television. I mean, they're blog posts, and topics generally don't carry over from one to the other, but it still just felt . . . weird. To not even acknowledge this really important issue (although I already explained why I didn't want to say anything more) before jumping back to my random crap that doesn't really matter.

But, that's kind of what I do in life. Because, the world really sucks. I mean, it really, really sucks. It sucks so bad that I often wonder if bringing more innocent life into it is really the right thing to do. Because, it's sort of like, "Hi, you're small and perfect and just a little bundle of love, and the world doesn't deserve you, and you don't deserve it, but you're stuck here anyway. Sorry about that."

I mean, I know there's good stuff too. But it feels like all the good stuff you have to really look for, like each one is a pleasant surprise, while all the bad stuff is up in your face all the time. I get that some bad is important to help you appreciate the good, but the ratio is way off. Which is why I cling to things that don't matter, things that are simple and that make me happy, like TV and books and movies and music. Things that I can, if I decide I don't like it, just set aside and forget about, and move onto something I do like.

I know this is kind of a downer. I've started to write this post, or one like it, a LOT of times before, and it just never feels like something that's appropriate to share. Maybe it's still not, but I'm sharing it anyway.

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  1. Well, the world sucks a lot of the times, which is why I mostly do not read newspapers or watch the news. Instead I like to drift into fictional worlds where I can be sure that at the end of a movie/ book/ episode most issues are resolved and everyone is happy again.

    And don't worry about following Pat's post by a post about TV. It's just how things are in life.