Monday, May 6, 2013

Blargh . . .

It would figure that as soon as I make a statement that I want to be more active in blogging again, that my computer would decide to up the intensity with which it's trying to ruin my life (and yes, I'm positive that it has a personality of its own, and that it's doing this to me personally).

I know I've mentioned my computer issues before. Some here, some on Twitter. The main problem is that it decides to shut off with no warning and for no apparent reason. No pattern to it as far as I can tell. This has been ongoing for a couple months now, and we've slowly been eliminating possible causes, but unfortunately every time we think it might be fixed, it'll go a week or so without incident, and then start doing it again, at first sporadically, and then with increasing frequency. It's currently at Staples awaiting the next fix, and as frustrating as it is to have a computer that isn't reliable, it's almost worse not to have it at all. Mainly because I have zero confidence that they're actually going to solve the problem, so I'm giving it up for however many days for no good reason.

So . . . I have to make a point of doing my blogging (not to mention anything else I want to use a computer for) when Pat's not around, or at least not using his computer.

And yes, I know I'm lucky that we have a second computer at all. For that matter I'm lucky that I'm not starving in a third world country somewhere. But that perspective really doesn't make this situation any less frustrating.

Guess I'll just leave it at that for now. Gotta pace myself if I'm going to keep up this three times a week thing, and hopefully things will be going a little better in a couple days.

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