Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yet Another Iron Man 3 Response

So, we saw Iron Man 3 on Saturday. It's going to be hard to discuss what specifically I liked or didn't like without being all spoilery. Maybe I'll do another post on this in a month or so, after more people have had the chance to see the movie. But for now, here are just some general thoughts.

Overall, it was . . . okay. It was decently entertaining. It had some scenes, some bits of dialogue, that I did enjoy. But I didn't love the movie the way that I loved the first one. Of course, I didn't love the second one the way that I loved the first one either. The first one has an unfair advantage in that I love origin stories. I love seeing characters evolve, and there's usually no more dramatic evolution than when they decide to become a superhero. (Batman Begins remains my favorite of the new trilogy for much the same reason.)

Iron Man 3 had a lot of potential to tap back into that whole character development thing, since one of the plotlines . . . and I don't think this is giving too much away since it was mentioned in at least one trailer that I saw, but if you really don't want to know ANYTHING about the movie. . . well, then why are you even reading this? But I'll still give you the chance to turn around now . . .

. . .

As I was saying, one of the plotlines involves Stark dealing with the events from The Avengers, and basically having some kind of PTSD, anxiety attacks and the like. But I don't feel like they did enough with it to make it satisfying. Not to me, anyway.

I also came away from Iron Man 2 feeling a little "meh," but I've enjoyed it more on subsequent watchings, so maybe I'll feel the same way about this one after it comes out on video. I think the second time around, when you know what to expect, it's easier for me to just enjoy the parts I enjoy -- like the scene where Scarlett Johansson and Jon Favreau break into the building, and she takes out the entire security team while he's fighting one guy (I guess there's a reason Pete never became the Ultimate Fighting Champion) -- and ignore what I don't.

Of course, subsequent watchings also give you the opportunity to really nitpick the stuff that doesn't work. I guess it's just how you approach it.

So, I'm not saying, don't go see it. Especially if superhero movies are your thing, it's worth seeing on the big screen. The big fight scene at the end is fun, if nothing else. And Stark, when he's not being a "hot mess" (his own words), is his usual charismatic, I'd-hate-him-in-real-life-but-love-to-watch-him self.

Just don't be expecting magic.

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