Friday, May 3, 2013

Bring Back the Words

So, earlier this week, Ginger over at Ramble Ramble decided she was going to post every day in May. (I didn't read it till today because we were out of town for the weekend, so I had a ton of blog posts to catch up on, and while I was slowly working through those, people KEPT WRITING, what is UP with that?! So . . . basically I'm still behind, but at least I'm down to like 30 unread posts, instead of almost 100.)

Anyway, I was just complaining on Twitter the other day how I have all of these ideas for posts, but when I sit down the words just won't come out. And I've been focusing A LOT on my book blog, and part of this frustration is me still not really knowing how to write a satisfying book review (I'm working on it, really), but . . . okay, so if I'm having issues with a review, why can't I jump over here and write something? I've been neglecting my readers here (all two of you) and it's time to stop it.

So . . .

I think every day is a bit much for me, and would only cause me to burn out again once the month was over, so I'm going to focus on posting every MWF. In May. And maybe/hopefully beyond. We'll see. But for now, May.

See you on Monday.

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