Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cheap Thrills

Well, the long-awaited (by me, anyway) day is finally here. This morning, my new book blog went live!

Okay, this is a bookstore, not my blog,
but it looks so inviting, doesn't it?

Why did I start this? Well, it just seemed like it was time. I've been on Goodreads for years, sharing my thoughts on the books I read. And I've blogged about them here from time to time as well. I just wanted a place where I could focus on that part of my life, without it taking over here.

Not to mention there are certain perks that come with having an actual book blog, instead of just sometimes blogging about books. First of all, you can sometimes get free books! I mean, you can sometimes get free books if you don't have a book blog too. But there are more opportunities if authors and publishers know you're going to write about it, and that you actually have an audience that cares.

That whole "audience that cares" thing was another deciding factor. I follow a lot of different types of bloggers, but I pretty much know what to expect from each of them, and I obviously enjoy reading them or I wouldn't be following them. It's kind of hard to get involved in the book blogging community when your blog is primarily about other things, things that the people you're trying to connect with may or may not care about.

So . . . yeah. It's an idea I've thought about in the past, and like I said, I felt like it was time. Now my worry is that I'm going to fizzle out and have nothing to talk about after a few months. Not that I won't always be reading, and reviews are a book blogger's renewable resource after all, but I don't want to be ONLY writing reviews. That will get boring for me, and boring for readers too. Personally, I like when bloggers mix it up with a little discussion. Thanks to these more universal types of posts, there are lots of bloggers I enjoy, even though our reading tastes don't quite match up. And my biggest goal here is to write the type of blog that I would want to read.

Anyway, if you've enjoyed my bookish ramblings in the past, come check out the new blog.

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