Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Day Left...

We are only one day away from SPRING! I know, you can't really tell from all the snow we got yesterday, or the fact that the windchill is currently below zero, but it's true.

As I mentioned last time, it's also one day until I reveal my super-secret project. I chose the day specifically, not because my super-secret project has anything to do with spring, but just because I don't like starting things haphazardly, I like there to be some meaning to it, even if it only has meaning to me. This is part of my problem when it comes to getting back on the diet and exercise horse. Some people say, "I'll start on Monday," as an excuse to continue their bad habits. I say it mostly because I really don't like the idea of starting a meaningful lifestyle change on any random day (and maybe like 20% as an excuse).

At any rate, here are some clues:
  • It combines two of my biggest interests.

Um . . . that's all I can think of. Clearly, I'm not very good at this. Guess you'll just have to find out the rest tomorrow.

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